The objective of the Association is to contribute to the popularization and spread of medical tourism. In other words, the Association aims to contribute to the creation of a society where people, regardless of what country or region they live in, can choose the medical treatment best suited to them and be seen by a doctor.

  • The Medical Tourism Association would like everybody to choose whatever result is personally best for them when they have anxieties or fears about their health and illnesses.
  • To this end, we collect medical information about the most advanced testing and treatment around the world, and sort and provide trustworthy information so that people have a wider range of options about the requisite testing and treatment and can quickly make the best choices.
  • In addition, we collaborate with the medical institutions and testing organizations that can provide the most advanced treatment in the world, and medical institutions, health checkup facilities, pharmacies, facilities providing accommodation, travel agencies, insurance companies, publishers, providers of medical information, libraries, interpreting and translating businesses and providers of education and seminars involved in medical tourism. Through these collaborations we do our utmost to collect the latest information on medical travel and medical tourism.

Organization outline

Name Medical Tourism Association
Office #603, Akashicho 1-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1040044 JAPAN
Details of business
  • (1)Surveys and research into medical tourism
  • (2)Provision of information in Japan and overseas about medical tourism
  • (3)Introductions to facilities and travel companies promoting medical tourism in Japan and overseas
  • (4)Organizing of travel related to medical tourism; travel and travel agency work such as agency, liaison and mediation work relating to traveler guiding and contracts pertaining to travel
  • (5)Planning, running and holding of seminars about medical tourism
  • (6)Provision of electronic publications, presentation of books and records, book production, television program production, lending of books, photography, interpreting and translation regarding medical tourism
  • (7)Provision of medical information, guidance on the medical business, dispensing, health checkups and nutrition, lending of care and medical equipment regarding medical tourism
  • (8)Any other business necessary for the realization of the Association’s objectives
Established May 1, 2012
President Taira Murakami
Executive Director Sonoko Ishizuka
Executive Director Nobuaki Yamamoto
Adviser Toshiki Mano
TEL +81-3-6228-6424
※Opening hours: weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00
Enquiries office@medical-tourism.or.jp

Message from the President


In Europe and America in particular, it has become possible for people to seek out better and cheaper treatment, or treatment that is not available in their own country, and they are now able to easily travel overseas to undergo the best treatment available in the world.

As a result of this, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular as some illnesses can be treated more cheaply than undergoing treatment in one’s own country.

Thailand, Malaysia and India in particular are making concerted national efforts to promote medical tourism, and are trying to improve their facilities for accepting patients from overseas. In Japan too, efforts are being made to make the acceptance of patients more proactive by, for example, the introduction of medical treatment visas.

Elsewhere, within Japan itself people who live in remoter regions where it is not possible to undergo the latest and most sophisticated treatment are starting to travel around the nation. This state of affairs means that precise and detailed information is of the utmost importance.

The Medical Tourism Association works with the objective of providing the information that is essential in order to undergo the best medical treatment. I hope that we can rely on your continued support and understanding.