What is Medical Tourism®?

In our daily lives travel and shopping has become borderless due to the growth of information technology such as the Internet and modes of transport like airplanes.

In the case of medical information too, it is now possible to find out information on the treatment and testing available, and the doctors and medical staff working at any hospital in the world, without actually having to visit it first. This had provided more freedom in choice of treatment, and these options are available all over the world. We now live in a day and age in which going on a ‘journey,’ even overseas, to undergo treatment, and having the very best treatment available is not in the least bit unusual. This concept is called ‘medical tourism.’

The Internet provides us with every sort of information imaginable. However, if you search for medical information there are differences in health insurance systems from country to country, differences in standard medical procedure and testing, and linguistic and cultural differences; it is quite possible that information you ought to know in advance goes unnoticed.

In order to choose the single form of treatment you wish to undergo, there is a need not just for information on treatments and testing, but support for contacting hospitals and traveling, and an introduction to on-the-spot interpreters and helpers. Providing support so that patients can undergo treatment with peace of mind is an absolutely vital aspect of medical tourism.

Our Association collaborates with medical institutions and companies throughout the world in order to provide the information necessary for patients to choose the right option, the option that satisfies them, from among the wide range of choices available.

The Medical Tourism Association provides the following services under the name of Medical Tourism®

  • Medical Tourism® provides information sources useful in health management to all people who wish to lead a healthy life.
  • Medical Tourism® collects, sorts and provides information that can serve as guidelines for selecting the best course of action regarding the latest treatment and testing within and outside of Japan.
  • Medical Tourism® collects a wide range of information pertaining to the support services requisite for medical travel and medical tourism, and provides information in a manner that provides all-round support for patients.
  • Medical Tourism® collects and provides information about medical institutions and medical professionals working to establish the very latest diagnostic, testing and treatment methods.
  • Medical Tourism® enthusiastically supports the research and investigative activities of medical institutions and medical professionals working to establish the very latest diagnostic, testing.

※Note: Medical Tourism® is a registered trademark of Fortune Inc. The Medical Tourism Association use the trademark with the permission of Fortune Inc.